360 Waves For Women


There is a new revolution in town, gone are the days when you wake up with your hair weave twisted all funny like a birds nest. Gone is the nightmare of trying to get ready for work or dinner & your blow dryer is not working! Gone are the expensive & ridiculous prices you used to keep shelling out in hair salons, just to get your hair done right.


A new phenomenon is creeping in the women hairstyle scene & it aint the mullet! More & more women are finding it more liberating to wear their hair short. In particular women are starting to develop a hair style previously synonymous with men, the 360 waves. And I must say they look stunning, than the men could ever dream of with this new hairstyle. Well before we get ahead of ourselves let me just give a brief explanation of what 360 waves are.

Waves are formed from the natural coiling of your hair. In other words the tight curls of your hair strands are straightened to the right degree to form waves. You hair will always try to resist to this straightening & will always try to go back to its original coiling. But by various attempts on your part to make the hair strands to straighten, they will eventually give up & compromise to be a bit straight. By doing this your hair strands form a wavy pattern, half straight & half wavy. And this ladies & gentlemen is how Waves are formed.

Pretty simple huh! Well wait just a second! It might look simple from the process I have shown you, but the hard bit comes in when you trying to train your hair to be wavy. But with the right methods & instructions, it’s just a breeze. I will give you just a basic blueprint to get you started off, while you learn the ropes.

First off go & buy Hollywood carrot crème as a moisturizer for your hair.
Also get a decent medium bristle Annie brush.

Get a shampoo you are comfortable with & one which gives you a good moisture level.
All you got to do is brush your hair in a 360 degree manner, apply moisturizer & brush some more, then durag your hair to get it to lie down. The best length to begin your hair wave journey is with short hair, about #2 hair guard length or a light ceaser. It’s much easier to tame your hair from this length. Ladies this means you need to cut your hair just a bit lower than you used too, but it pays off when you get your perfect spinning waves.

Remember get the right techniques & methods to fast track your process. All the best in your 360 waves journey.

by, Mundus Jones

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