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Who Has The Best 360 Wave Products? Let’s Find Out.




When it comes to maintenance of your 360 waves you will require a select list of the right tools for the job. The problem for most people these days are the overwhelming amount of 360 wave products available on the market.  You have the typical crèmes, oils, pomades, activators etc..

The first thing you will notice is that everyone has a favorite product that they claim is the best! But that still leaves you clueless on which to product to purchase or trust right? The only problem left is trying to figure out who is right or wrong and which products to use.

This is where I have done my research to make a logical determination and used my statistics to share with you my findings.

Selecting 360 Wave Products Is Not Easy

Now we all know that there are tools for every job but with 360 waves these next items are a must have. Here is what you will need for your maintenance and upkeep.

360 Wave Products List

  • Brush
  • Du-Rag
  • Stocking Cap
  • Pomade
  • Shampoo
  • Motions Hair Lotion Oil Moisturizer

How To Use These 360 Wave Products

Now we all know that there are tools for every job but with 360 waves it is important to use specialized products for wavy texture hair. Your brush is your best friend and will be your companion on your 360 wave journey. You Du-Rag will lay your hair down perfect when sleeping at night preparing you for your next phase of brushing in the morning.


The stocking cap can be used instead of the Du-Rag but most real wavers use the cap in combination with the Du-Rag for extra effectiveness in laying down your hair.

You will need a good pomade to hold your hair down in place. I recommend 360 Style Pomade because it is a quality product and has some of the best ingredients for natural waves. You will also need a good hair moisturizer and quality shampoo made for curly hair.

What I find that works best for curly hair is a good creamy based shampoo which is much better for wavy texture hair than a clarifying type brand.


What About Conditioners?

One thing you need to know is you simply cannot over condition 360 or 720 waves period. What I always recommend is a heavy pink oil moisturizer that you will use in the morning. This will soften your hair and make it respond better while brushing and conditioning your hair even after your hair is trained.



The best types of brushes I recommend are products like hot waves, Diane and Scalpmaster. I always suggest sticking with the wood brushes and never use plastic. The wood brushes are just simply made better and have a better hold on the brushes bristles while in use.

Things To Remember

Don’t buy a product you have not heard of. it is not good judgment to in list yourself as a test dummy for products you have not heard of. Some of the junk out there are made by laboratories that only use the cheapest ingredients so they can make more profits. The products I have listed are products that are tested to have the best quality ingredients that are healthy for black hair.
· Always use a high quality moisturizer on your hair. Using cheap products that imitate good products with similar names and color are fakes. The cheap stuff can dry out your hair and even cause damage so be careful. I highly recommend using Motions Hair Lotion Original Oil Moisturizer 16oz/473ml because this is simply the best on the market!
· Always use a good quality hair brush made for waves. I like the Hot Waves Pure Boar Fade Brush Military 2.25″ 18 Rows (Pack of 3) as a good starter brush. You can never have to many brushes so stock up!

· I always recommend getting a good pomade. The best out right now is Luster’s 360 Style Wave Control Pomade 3 oz.


By Derek Bingham


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