Master The Bald Cut





As Michael Jordan taught us, once you start to go bald, it’s best to just cut it all off. Skip the combover and never pay for a haircut again by shaving your own head.

Step 1. Buy a set of professional clippers. By cutting your own hair you’ll save $10-$20 a month, so splurge for nice clippers that will last you a decade or more. Ideally go to a beauty professional store rather than Walmart, and be prepared to spend $50-$100 for the real thing.

Step 2. Cut your hair standing on a sheet on the floor, or in your shower, to catch the loose hair. If you cut it out doors, then you do not need to worry about hair on the ground.

Step 3. Set the clippers to the shortest setting. With most makes this means removing the guard completely. Avoid using an electric razor on your head as it does not work that well and the noise will drive you mad.

Step 4. Choose to do it yourself or get help. You can do it yourself with practice, or get someone to cut your hair for you. If cutting yourself, it’s easiest to do it naked and just before you plan to shower, so you won’t worry about getting the cut hair all over yourself.

Step 5. Begin at the nape of the neck and run the clippers in rows up over your scalp to the front.

Step 6. Be sure to give extra attention to the nape of your neck, the sideburns, and just over the ears.

Step 7. Check the style. When you think you’re done, use a mirror to check, and try running your hand all over your head. You should be able to feel any spots you’ve missed.



  • If you have someone to help you with it, you’re less likely to get an embarrassing uncut spot.
  • To make your clippers last, brush any hairs out of the blade, then turn the clippers on & place a drop of blade oil on the parts of the blades that meet while running, before putting the clippers away.
  • Use a good razor to shave your head smooth. Use shaving gel and make small strokes.
  • Some guys pull off the shaved head look best when they have visible facial hair ie. a shaved head with a goatee or beard.
  • If you’re concerned about going straight to a shaved head, consider using clippers with a high length setting and slowly trim it shorter and shorter until you feel comfortable about shaving it off completely.
  • It’s often easier to check for spots that you missed after a good shower.
  • As with all types of shaving, the best way to avoid irritated skin is to shave with the hair. It may not leave you feeling as smooth, but it will avoid irritation, or worse, a rash.
  • If you have never shaved your head before, be aware that your head will be considerably paler than the rest of your skin. One way to avoid this is to use a pair of clippers and trim down to a quarter of an inch before shaving all of it off. Usually a couple of weeks in the sun will help your scalp to get a little tanned.
  • Experiment with frequency – shaving your head to often (ie daily) may increase skin irritations, while shaving too infrequently (every 2 weeks or more) may require using the electric clipper each time rather than going straight to blade.
  • Shave your face and head at the same time so regrowth is more consistent.
  • Invest in a specialty head razor such as HeadBlade which keeps the blade at the appropriate angle. This also makes the process much faster and less prone to cuts.
  • Have a styptic pen handy to stop bleeding. Cuts will become less frequent with experience.
  • Blade shaving is best done after showering as hot water and soap softens the hair. Be sure to run some hot water on your face and head just before exiting, and don’t bother drying your head.
  • Use a good quality moisturizing cream after every shave. Shaved heads tend to dry up and get flaky if the skin is not treated properly.
  • If a cut from a previous shave hasn’t healed yet, try waiting a few more days or shave as close as possible to the scab without running the blade on it.
  • Use plenty of sunscreen when staying outdoors for long periods of time. A shaved head burns much easier and a sunburned head can be extremely painful, particularly during showering.
  • If you shave every few days, don’t bother with shampoo. Use whatever soap or cleanser you use on your face.
  • If acne blemishes appear on your head after shaving, this can usually be controlled with a mild disappearing 2.5% benzoyl peroxide cream or gel. Use this before applying your moisturizer.
  • Warnings

    • Don’t use an electrical appliance in shower
    • A shaved head doesn’t suit all guys. Some guys have a head shape and face that fits a shaved head, some don’t
    • Don’t worry if you don’t like it at first, you and other people will get use to it
    • Do NOT use chemical depilatories such as Nair or facial magic shave¬†on your head as it is extremely harsh on the skin and dangerous if it comes in contact with the eyes.
    • Keep a washcloth within reach. If shaving cream starts to run down your forehead, wipe it immediately!




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