Mayonnaise Hair Conditioner Recipes

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A product I’m going to tell you about is very cheap and effective for treating damaged and dry hair. It’s the most common natural conditioner, because it’s very easy to prepare and safe for head skin. You are probably already guessed what I’m talking about, yes, it’s mayonnaise. In this review I tell you how to make mayonnaise hair treatment, how to use it at home and what results expect after the procedure. So let’s go to a kitchen.

Look into your refrigerator, I’m almost a hundred percent sure that you have a jar of mayonnaise there. Generally we use it to dress our salads, but today we are going to prepare several mixture to treat, repair and strengthen our hair. I also will give you a recipe which help you to get rid of head lice if you have such ones.

Simply Mayonnaise
For the first treatment we need just a couple of table spoon of mayonnaise, spread them on your hair and wrap a towel around. It’s better to use olive oil mayonnaise or the one with small percentage of vinegar, because it’s more safe for your skin. Wait for twenty minutes and rinse your head. You will see the natural shine and nice softness, use such conditioner several times a week to treat your hair natural way.

Mayonnaise and Avocado
The next mask consists from mayonnaise and avocado. Ripe off avocado and divide it on two part, one part we will use to prepare dry hair treatment. Smash avocado and add mayonnaise, mix them together evenly and apply this mixture on your head. Coat all parts of your head and apply it along the full length of your hair. Massage your head and wrap it in a towel. Wait for 30 minutes and shampoo your head. This treatment is very helpful, it feed your hair naturally with vitamins and elements. You can use once a week for the best result.

Mayonnaise and Egg Yolks
One more organic mixture which cure your fragile hair is egg and mayonnaise hair treatment. Mix together a cup of mayonnaise and 3 egg yolks. Coat your hair with the mixture and wait for 30 minutes, after that wash your head with cold water without using shampoo, you need it let mask to soak into your hair. Next day wash your hair with soft shampoo and balsam. Egg yolks are very effective to treat fragile hair, they make them elastic and strong.

Mayonnaise against Lice
And one more recipe to remove head lice. Take a quantum satis of mayonnaise to cover each small piece of your head and hair and apply it. Wrap your hair with plastic bag or shower cap and leave it for 2 – 3 hours. This time is enough to get rid of lice. After that shampoo your head and thoroughly brush it with a nit comb. Check your hair every day to prevent lice appearing and repeat the procedure if it’s necessary.

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